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The Instagram Marketing Course that Will Help Your Business Grow

Gain targeted followers, increase engagement, build quality relationships and get a new stream of income from doing what you love.

Are You Trying to Build Your Brand, Get Leads and Sales?

I've got you covered!

You probably already know that Instagram is the top social media platform to be on if you want to build a personal brand or market your business. 

With more than 800 million monthly active users and 86% of top brands taking advantage of this social media platform, you certainly CAN’T miss this opportunity.

This is just a fraction of what you will learn from the course:

Get Results that Matter for Your Business

You Will Get All the Resources You Need

Don’t worry if you are just starting out! This course was created with early stage entrepreneurs in mind. 

You will get unlimited access to the following:

Step-by-step Video Tutorials

You don’t have to feel lost. Follow the steps in the videos, pause, and re-play at your own pace. 

Done-for-you Templates

Copy and paste these beautifully done templates so you don’t have to waste time creating these from scratch.

Downloadable Resources

Download our powerpoint slides, workflow templates, content calendars and much more!

Direct Message Pitches

Structured and tested direct message pitches that I’ve used personally to land deals and are proven to work

Email List Sequences

A series of proven email list sequences to nuture your leads, build the relationship and convert them into paying customers. 

LIVE Chat with VIP Support

You can reach out to me during my LIVE sessions if you have any questions related to the course. I will gladly be available to help you!

Let's rock

Get More Followers for your business

Attract your target audience and gain credibility when you have more followers on Instagram. Build lasting relationships with your followers.


Spread your influence and be seen as the authority in your niche. Build trust with your potential customers and increase engagement.


Turn your Instagram account into a sales funnel and earn from your passion. Discover ways you can earn from Instagram and grow your business.

Who Is This For?

This course is meant for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-to-be who want to learn how to take full advantage of Instagram as a marketing channel. You are self-motivated and willing to put in the effort to grow your business, and you’re ready to start taking action. You know that the potential on Instagram is endless but you are just not sure which steps to take in order to succeed.


You are a freelancer, consultant or coach looking to build your online presence and get more clients through Instagram.


You are (or aspiring to be) an influencer, blogger or YouTuber looking to grow your influence and close deals with brands.


You run a business on Shopify or a store with a physical location and you are trying to build brand awareness and get sales.

The Ultimate Instagram Marketing Course that
Will Teach You How to...

be a boss


This is not a course just to gain popularity and followers. This course will help you refine your business strategies and improve your content marketing skills.
Not for the faint-hearted!

We need to set the right foundation from the start by setting goals. This is essential in creating your content strategy, as you need to know who exactly your audience are.

  • Find your niche and present yourself as the expert in the industry
  • Strategies to look for a profitable niche if you have not decided on one
  • Learn how to attract your audience instead of chasing them
  • Be clear about your services and what you can offer your audience

You will need to optimize your profile in order to be seen by your target audience and it is a step that you should not skip. Many people overlook this and it is to YOUR advantage when you implement this and optimize your profile.

  • Learn the difference and decide on which type of profile you are going to create for your brand or business
  • Optimize your profile so that you appear in front of your audience’s eyes and so that they can find you when they are looking for an expert in your niche
  • Have a bio that is keyword optimized with a clear description so your audience is aware of who you are and what you have to offer
  • Secret hack to attract the attention of your competitor’s audience so that they will notice you

Your feed needs to look visually appealing and you need to create your own brand voice and style.

  • Create a theme that is identifiable to your brand on all social media platforms
  • Learn how to ensure that your logo and posts are consistent, so that they closely resemble your brand
  • Ensure that your brand voice is present in your posts, copy, bio and descriptions.

Creating a content strategy is one of the most important aspect in order to have success on Instagram and every other social media platform. Having a solid content strategy enables you to beat the algorithm because good content creates authentic engagement, and it will not be affected by any algorithm change.

  • Learn about the various forms of content and how to implement them into your content creation strategy
  • Easily create shareable content that encourages targeted users to engage with you
  • Create engaging copies that resonate with your target audience and spark engagement
  • Make use of Instagram stories, IGTV, and Instagram Live as part of your content strategy

Now that you have learnt how to optimize your profile and create a content strategy that is proven to boost engagement, it’s time to accelerate growth with some ultimate engagement hacks.

  • Learn how the Instagram algorithm works and how to play along with it to stay on top of the system
  • Black hat marketing tactics to avoid
  • Researching your competitors and finding influencers in your niche
  • How to conduct hashtag research and how to appear in Instagram’s Top Posts
  • Learn all the engagement hacks that I use to personally grow my account!

Here’s the real deal: Turning your followers into leads and converting them into loyal customers. We will take your Instagram business to a whole new level with these marketing techniques that not everybody knows about.

  • What is a sales funnel and how convert Instagram into one
  • Turn your followers into your leads and building your email list and creating opt-ins
  • See real conversions that you get from sales after nurturing your email leads

Improve your productivity by using these tools and measure your success through KPIs.

  • Learn how to use tools for productivity and efficiency
  • Use analytic tools to track your performance so that you can refine your content strategy
  • Define your KPIs to measure success and keep track of audience’s analytics
  • Monitor content to see which is underperforming and overperforming

And some secret bonuses not to be revealed…

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