How to Start an Online Business from Home in ONE WEEK (Step By Step in 2019)

Learn how to start an online business in one week, so that you can work from home and make money online in 2019. Find out the exact steps you need to take to start a profitable online business, so that you can quit your job and start a business doing what you love.

In this article, I guide you step by step on how to start a small business from home, and share my personal experiences so that you can avoid the mistakes I made to save time and money.

You will learn how to set your business goals, research your competitors, find your target audience, plan your business strategy and more.

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Starting a business might sound overwhelming and you might not know where to start, despite having some business ideas. I’ve made this video which you can follow step by step, so that you don’t feel lost in the process.

Step 1: Conduct Market Research

The first step that you should take before implementing your business idea, would be to do your research.

You will need to do market research, and I will emphasize that this is one of the most important aspects that will determine the success of your business.

During the research phase, I assume you already have an idea of your chosen niche.

However, my advice to you is to be open to other choices before you decide on a particular niche that you are interested in.

Not every niche is profitable and some niches will tend to do better than others because there is more demand and people are willing to pay for certain products and services, and that’s just how it is.

You may be insisting “Oh but Scarlet, I’m only interested in low-fat cookie recipes for cats”.

Okay, I’m pretty sure such a thing doesn’t exist, but the idea is, sometimes the niche that you choose might not have any demand, and that is why you need to do your research to see if there is proof of concept for your business idea.

Competition isn’t always a bad thing and just because other people are already doing it, doesn’t mean that you don’t stand a chance just because you are starting out.

A good example is Chinatown. You have all the Chinese stalls that congregate in the same area, and they are literally competitors. But people go there to look for Chinese food, so if there is a famous Chinese stall located within Chinatown, it’s going to attract all these people who are interested in Chinese food into the area.

That doesn’t mean that everyone is going to purchase from the one and only famous Chinese stall there, right? There will be people who compare the menu and prices of the various stalls, which in turn brings business for the other Chinese stalls too.

This is exactly the same concept of having competitors in the same niche, because there is already demand, and people will be comparing services.

That’s where you can have your unique value proposition to step in, and stand out in some way which will make people decide on choosing you instead of your competitors. For example, you have a unique recipe that is so delicious and cannot be found anywhere else.

When you conduct your market research, be sure to keep an open mind and not make decisions based on emotions.

You might be emotionally drawn to your “low-fat cookie recipes for cats” because you think it’s an extremely unique idea and you will tend to make unrealistic judgements based on what you want to do.

I am sure you have more than one single hobby and interest. The most logical thing to do is to write a list of everything you are interested in and pick the most profitable one that can be scaled into a business.

For example, my interests are playing the guitar, drawing, psychology, and marketing. I used to teach guitar, but I’ve shifted my focus and picked the most profitable interest which is digital marketing and turned it into a full scale business.

During the research phase, find out if the ideas that you have can be used as a business by looking out for the following:

  1. Are there blog posts about that topic or niche?
  2. Who are your competitors and how well are they doing?
  3. Are there courses or tutorials or YouTube videos in that niche?

This will help you come up with a clear idea of what is already working and whether there is potential to start.

If you find that the market is too competitive, it is always recommended to narrow down to a subniche where you serve a specific niche with a specific target audience.

Step 2: Plan Your Business Strategy

After you have done the FBI and CSI forensics during your market research, you will need to ensure that you have a business strategy in place. It is important that you have this sorted out before we get to the administrative side of your business.

The reason why we are not going to choose a business name and register your business or create a website is because you don’t know your business model yet, and branding is also not set in stone as you are still in the planning phase, such as finding out your target audience persona after creating your business model.

The best way to plan your business strategy is to have a business model using a business model canvas which is a template which helps you plan your start up.

This will help you be very clear on the infrastructure of your business and the resources that you need, in order to fulfill the needs of your target audience and potential customers.

When you use a business model canvas, you will be able to identify your unique value propositions such as your price, branding, accessibility, and performance, which will make you stand out from your competitors.

To build an effective business model, you will also need to identify your customer segments which is who your various customers are based on their needs and different attributes that they have.

When you create your target audience persona, you are not looking to cater to mass market because we need to target the right people who will be interested in your products or services.

For example, I am targeting mom entrepreneurs, so my target audience persona would be women who have children, and stay at home moms who want to work from home.

These are some questions you can ask yourself:

  1. What are my business goals?
  2. What makes my service or product stand out from competitors?
  3. What resources do I need to start this business?
  4. Who are my target audience and what are their interests/life events/demographics?

Step 3: Complete Administrative Tasks

Once you are clear about your business goals and direction, you can choose a business name, and register your business.

You can incorporate your company locally by yourself, or you can get an agent to do it for you as they will be able to advice you which type of business to register (whether it is a sole proprietorship or private limited), depending on the nature of your business.

I made a mistake of registering my business myself under the wrong type of business which actually put myself at risk of losing my personal assets because I registered as a sole proprietorship business.

There are certain laws tied to the different types of businesses that you register, so be sure to check it out in your country as you do not want to risk anything financially, and it is for the sake of protecting your assets.

The next step after registering your business would be to open a business bank account so that you can carry out transactions and receive payments.

Once again, decide on which type of bank account is the most suitable for your business needs because there are various accounts which varies according to the bank and country you are in.

When I made the mistake of registering my company as a sole proprietorship, I had to close my bank account because I needed to re-register my company as a private limited one and re-open another bank account, even though I am going to use the same business name.

These are some mistakes which you can avoid which can help you save time, money and unnecessary headaches!

Once you have registered your business and opened your bank account, you can go on to design your company logo, think of a tagline, as well as a mission and vision statement.

Step 4: Create Your Online Storefront

When you have almost everything in place, it’s time to put yourself out there by creating your website so that you can carry out your online marketing.

You will need to have a website because it is extremely important to have a storefront for your business.

As a small business owner, you may think that having social media accounts is enough but trust me, it only costs around $20 a year to have a registered domain and the benefits of having one are endless.

With a website, you will be able to display your products and services, invite people to subscribe to your email list, and retarget visitors using Facebook ads.

Inviting people to your email list is crucial for building the relationship with potential clients to follow up with them so that they will remember who you are even after they leave your website.

I made the mistake of not having one and I was not able to build the relationship with those who have visited my website, and that basically meant that I could not turn my cold audience into my warm audience with an email subscription.

I was having all these one-time visitors which did not help with customer loyalty at all. It is easier to sell to people who have bought from you before as compared to trying to sell to a completely new audience over and over again, which was what I was doing!

Retargeting is also very powerful because you will be able to target visitors who have visited your website before and retarget them, which also helps with turning your cold audience into a warm one.

Retargeting is usually where the conversion is the highest as compared to running an ad to a completely new audience because you are targeting people who are already interested in your products or services and have visited your website before.

For example, you have been browsing for an iPhone on Apple’s website, and all of a sudden, you see iPhones appearing everywhere all over Facebook ads.

This is the exact power of retargeting, because you are targeting someone who is already interested in your specific product and is more likely to convert.

Having a website is also a place where you can provide value by uploading blog posts, which in turn helps with your SEO for certain keywords that you are targeting which enables you to be discovered by people searching for the keywords that you use, which drives a highly targeted audience.

Step 5: Create Social Media Proof

The final step but not least, is to create social media accounts for your new online business. You will need to know where your target audience are hanging out mostly and create your social media accounts accordingly.

If your target market isn’t likely to be using Pinterest, you don’t need to create a Pinterest account. For example, 70% of Pinterest users are female, so if your target market are men, you know that creating a Pinterest account will not be that relevant to your business.

However, if your target market consists of mainly women who bake, because you are setting up an online baking recipe blog, then it makes sense to use Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy.

You can create content and share content that is already trending by using Google Trends or BuzzSumo, and you can re-share content that is already proven to be interesting and shareable.

Being consistent on social media is also very important because nobody likes to follow an inactive account and people usually associate active accounts as more trustworthy.

An inactive account will look like it is not well-managed and people will wonder if the business is still running and have doubts about whether someone will respond to their enquiries.

Creating content which sparks engagement also creates social proof for your brand, so people know that your business is legit, as your content is receiving engagement. People love numbers and it’s just something that’s psychological.

The more engagement you have, the more trustworthy you appear to them and it creates social proof for you. Once you have created your social media accounts, you can start marketing your business and use it to drive traffic to your website.

Alright, I have covered the most important steps of starting an online business which can be done within a week, and I hope you have found this helpful.

What other tips do you have for starting an online business from home? Do leave a comment below!

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If you want to discover the most profitable niche markets to start your online business, do check out this video.

And if you want to find out how I quit my job and started my own business, as well on some tips if you are planning to do the same, do check out this video over here too!

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Instagram is HIDING Likes from Followers (How This Will Affect You)

Find out about the Instagram algorithm changes and the Instagram algorithm updates.

Is this the death of Instagram as a marketing platform and how will this affect you as a business owner, influencer, and an Instagram user?

Instagram has already started hiding likes in Canada back in May, and has gone on to run their tests in several other countries including Italy, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Ireland, and New Zealand.

So why is Instagram running an experiment on hiding likes anyway?

According to Instagram’s pop up, they mentioned this “We want your followers to focus on what you share, not how many likes your posts get.”

So while your followers scroll through their feed, they will actually not be able to view the number of likes that your post has. Thankfully, we are still able to view the likes on our own posts.

So, the first thing that came to my mind when I heard this was:

How will this affect me as a business owner, and how will this affect my business and interactions that I have with my existing clients and potential prospects?

And this is a very important question to ask as a business owner, because in this generation, we rely heavily on social media marketing for our businesses. It not only affects digital marketers but it affects everyone who uses Instagram as a marketing platform for their business.

From my perspective, if I can’t view the number of likes that a post has, I will be less likely to like it because people can’t see the likes anyway. And if most people think the same way as me, that would decrease the overall interaction and engagement on the social media platform.

Also, since likes can’t be viewed by other users, it may be more difficult for brands who work with influencers to measure the success of an influencer marketing campaign.

Instead of looking at likes, brands will need to look at other Key Performance Indicators such as comments, reach, impressions and saves, which will require influencers to share their Instagram insights with them, and that may be a bit more work for them.

However, I would not say it’s the end of influencer marketing since there are other KPIs that can be measured, because likes do not determine the quality of the engagement that a post receives.

Likes and comments can be bought, but fake comments are generic and easy to spot. Genuine comments are meaningful and creates positive interactions that determines the quality of engagement received.

Now this leads to the question, how will this affect you as an influencer?

I’m pretty sure most of you are aware of the meltdown that Australian influencer Mikaela Testa had when she recorded a video of herself crying, with regards to Instagram removing likes because being an influencer is a real job.

Many influencers make a full time income from what they do, by working with brands and most people perceive that this change is going to cause real damage to the influencer industry.

There are also other sources citing that this is a move so that Instagram can monetize from ads, so that brands will look to Instagram ads instead of influencer marketing.

While there is some truth in that, I would also say this is not the end of influencer marketing because people are still more likely to trust an influencer compared to a random ad that they see by a company which they have not heard of.

So if you are an influencer and you are panicking after hearing this news, think about it.

Even though likes cannot be viewed by your followers, they have been following you for some time and they have a relationship with you.

They love your content, value your feed and they trust what you say. Brands are aware that the connections that users have with influencers are more intimate, so I doubt that this is going to change much.

Because once again, as I’ve mentioned, there are many other metrics that can be measured and likes are just a vanity metric, so it’s not something that should freak you out.

If your engagement on Instagram is high, your posts will still show up at the top of your followers’ feed, and in the Instagram explore page under the top posts for the various hashtags that you are using.

Hence, brands will still be able to search for you and measure the success of their campaign based on your engagement levels.

However, if you are starting out though, it will definitely be harder to get up there as an influencer because the competition is tough, and you will be competing with those who already have very high engagement levels.

But I would say it is still possible. I mean, with every business and in every industry, there is already competition out there.

There are definitely industries that are more competitive than others so it’s your choice to decide which is best for you.

Does that stop you from starting a business because someone else is doing it?

There’s always going to be competition but it’s the toughest one who keeps going consistently who makes it to the top. The ones who don’t make it are the ones who give up halfway because they don’t see results.

So this is my take on the influencer marketing industry and let’s move on to how this will affect regular users.

How will this affect users?

From another perspective, the stress will be taken off users because they will no longer compare themselves to other users because they can’t view the number of likes another user has received, and some sources have stated that this measure taken by Instagram is for the “good for mental health”.

Screenshot from BBC

According to a study by the Royal Society for Public Health, Instagram was found to be the worst social media platform for teens and young adults’ mental health, and that the regular use of Instagram has been associated with high levels of anxiety, depression, bullying and FOMO (“fear of missing out”).

Do you think that Instagram should be hiding likes and how do you think this will affect us? Have you been part of the test group affected and how did it turn out for you? Do leave your opinion in the comments!

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If you want to learn how to grow your influence on Instagram and gain Instagram followers organically, check out this video. And if you want some Instagram content creation tips to help you save time and improve your productivity, do check out this video too!

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How to Remove Instagram Followers (Get Rid of Fake Followers and Stalkers!)

Do you want to learn how to remove Instagram followers and how to spot fake followers on Instagram? You will learn how to remove fake followers from Instagram, and remove Instagram followers without blocking them, as well as prevent certain people from viewing your profile.

This will work especially if your profile is public and you don’t want certain people following you, without them knowing that you have blocked them.

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First of all, I’ll explain why you should do an Instagram clean-up of fake followers. Then, I’ll go through how to make someone unfollow you without blocking them permanently.

So here’s the thing, not all followers are made equal.

Once in a while, for some strange reason, bots and fake accounts will follow your account.

You might also have bought fake followers in the past and regretted it, because those fake followers did not engage with your posts, resulting in a dramatic decrease in your overall engagement rate.

When your engagement rate decreases, Instagram sees your posts as NOT valuable and your posts will not be shown up in your followers’ feed as frequent as you would want it to.

You don’t want to be blacklisted by Instagram as the negative consequences are long term.

The more fake followers you have, the lower your engagement rate will be.

Even if you buy fake likes, it is going to be very tough to keep up with that financially, and if you stop using these services all of a sudden, it’s going to be obvious that you have been paying for your Instagram engagement.

Removing bots and fake accounts that have followed you will help you make your account look more credible, especially if you are using Instagram for your business or if you are an influencer.

Fake followers are easy to spot and the good news it, you can easily remove them.

I recently noticed a strange spike in the number of followers that I had and I suspected that there were some bots going around following me.

I was curious who these “people” were, so I checked out their profile and I realised that my intuition was right, because they were all fake accounts, and it made my account following look terrible.

So you might be wondering, how did I spot a fake account and how did I know that the user behind that profile is actually a bot?

So this is how I spot fake accounts.

Usually, a fake account will not have a profile picture and they have really weird usernames with lots of numbers in it.

Also, a fake account would have a following to followers ratio that is highly suspicious as they will be following a massive amount of people with very little people following them back.

The most obvious ones would be those who have 0 followers, as nobody is following them at all.

The thing is, you can’t control who follows you unless you buy followers, and you can’t remove followers directly from Instagram but there is a simple trick to get around that.

To get rid of bots, you can simply block them and Instagram will automatically cause their accounts to unfollow you.

Here’s the next tip if you want to remove someone you dislike from following you without blocking them.

Sometimes, you might want to block a real person whom you still have to interact with in real life because of work or school, and you don’t want to create an awkwardness when you see them. 

The simple trick is to block them and unblock them immediately.

When you unblock them, they will not be aware that they have automatically unfollowed you, and it is very unlikely that they will notice that they have unfollowed you unintentionally (unless they are stalking you).

If your profile is private, they will need to request for your permission in order to follow you again, and they will not know that you have blocked and unblocked them because they will still be able to search for you and send you a request, just that you’re not going to accept it this time round.

The difference is, if you block them, it’s going to be very obvious because when they search for you, they will realize that they can’t find your profile which has mysteriously disappeared.

However, if you are using a public account, this won’t work because they will still be able to see your profile even if they are not following you.

So if you are really being stalked, I recommend that you block the user without unblocking them, so that they will be unable to view your profile when they specifically search for it (because they are going to do so), especially if it is a public one.

The best way to prevent a stalker from stalking you would be to just block them permanently.

And the last tip would be to use a tool to remove followers if you want to if you want to remove followers in bulk because blocking them individually would be too time consuming.

You can check out the Instagram cleaner app which enables you to speed up the process by blocking multiple accounts, so that you can save time while doing a mass clean up.

What other methods have you used to get rid of fake followers on Instagram? Share it with us by leaving a comment!

If you want to learn how to grow your influence on Instagram and gain Instagram followers organically, check out this video over here. And if you want some Instagram content creation tips to help you save time and improve your productivity, do check out this video too!

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The Most Profitable Business Ideas That Can MAKE YOU RICH (Best Niche Markets)

Find out the most profitable business ideas, so that you can start an online business and make money online.

I will be talking about how to choose a niche for your business so that you can quit your job, start an online business and start making money from home by discovering the best industries to have online business success.

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The first tip that I have for you is to find an evergreen industry.

It’s proven that the most profitable niches are evergreen, because it is something that everyone wants and needs. If you can fill the need by starting a business in an evergreen industry, you will be able to earn a pretty decent salary.

The first evergreen business niche that I have for you is health.

People are always looking for ways to stay healthy and avoid disease, so that they can prolong their lives.

I’m sure you have seen many businesses in the health industry thriving because people are willing to pay money for supplements, organic products, gluten-free products, and other health foods.

Screenshot taken from The Balance Small Business

One of the reasons why the market is so huge in the health industry is because it is highly profitable, being a $4.2 trillion industry on a global scale.

The second evergreen business niche is fitness.

Screenshot taken from MarketWatch

People are always looking for ways to improve their physical appearance, whether it’s weight loss or bodybuilding.

Fitness is a $595 billion industry, which proves that this is a very highly profitable niche to be in.

According to a study done by My Protein, the average American spends $155 per month on health and fitness, with that being $112,000 in their entire lifetime, which is $13,000 more than a public 4-year college education which averages about $98,440.

Within that fitness expenditure includes gym membership, supplements, workout clothing and accessories, healthy meal plans and trainers.

The third evergreen business niche is self-improvement.

Tony Robbins Net Worth. Source: Wealthy Gorilla

Self-help is a huge online niche and a good example of an extremely successful coach in this niche is Tony Robbins.

People are constantly seeking to improve the quality of their lives by building their self-esteem and confidence, to be able to have success in their careers, relationships and life in general.

We are constantly looking for ways to lead a happy and fulfilled life, as well as to overcome past failures and hurts that may be an obstacle in our present day lives.

People are willing to invest in courses, books, programs, workshops and seminars, and successful coaches are able to earn from high-ticket clients and repeat buyers.

The fourth evergreen business niche is wealth.

Do you want money? In fact, you are watching this video because you are looking for ways to find a profitable business idea that can earn you money, right?

Everyone wants to make money.

This could be through making investments, and not everyone who wants to invest is well-educated in that aspect, which is why there is a demand in teaching people how to build their wealth through investments such as stocks, bonds, forex, and property.

There are a variety of ways to sell a wealth building product, such as trading systems or services that can help people invest and profit successful.

People will always try to find a way to make money, whether the economy is good or bad, hence making this an evergreen niche.

Now that you have the most profitable niches laid out in front of you, think about which categories you have the most interest and knowledge in.

Think about the sub-category in those niches which are known as sub niches.

For example, under the health category, we have weight loss, body pain, healthy diet plans and specific treatments for illnesses.

And under the fitness category, we have muscle building, yoga, aerial, and weight loss as sub niches.

And what works best is when you are able to find something you are good at and something people are willing to pay for because you will be able to fill the need in the market.  

What other profitable business ideas do you have? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Now that you know the top most profitable ideas, download the free list of over 100 sub niches.

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How I QUIT My Job and Started My Own Business

Find out how I quit my job, started my own business and improved the overall quality of my life by doing what I love.

Read this article or watch the video if you want some tips on how to quit your job and start your own business online.

I’ve cover topics on how you can change your mindset for success and start a small business with little to no money and make money online in 2019.

How Did I Quit My Job?

So here’s some background information about myself.

I was working as a full-time music instructor and guitar teacher, and I traveled around the country to teach students in schools and in their homes.

Although I was getting a decent salary, I was still being paid by the hour.

That means that if I wanted to earn more money, I needed to teach more hours or increase my hourly rate, which was not possible because I was going to become a mom and I knew that I need to spend time taking care of my baby once he arrives.

So instead of hiring a babysitter, I decided to be the main caregiver to look after my baby and work from home.

I quit my job since I was 3 months pregnant when I started having morning sickness, have been completely self-employed ever since.

Before I quit my day job to become completely self-employed, I had actually spent a lot of time and effort with growing my Instagram account and focused on marketing my personal brand as I was looking for more students as a guitar instructor.

I was also running a few other businesses such as my online e-commerce store and a music company.

Eventually, I managed to gain more than 30,000 followers in 10 months so I realized that I was actually good at social media marketing.

I Became a Full-time Influencer on Instagram

When I was pregnant, I decided to take the path of becoming a full time Instagram influencer.

It wasn’t my intention to be an influencer, but since I had grown my following and built a relationship with my audience, I seized the opportunity to work with brands and get paid to do so.

I wanted to be able to spend time with my baby, Zane, while supporting him at the same time, as I am a single mom, and traveling to teach guitar from place to place will be too time consuming and I would need to get someone else to look after Zane.

And that was not what I wanted. I didn’t want to miss out on the first few years of his life and watch him grow, which is the most precious experience.

So I made the decision to become a full-time “influencer”, and this has helped me to secure a lot of free baby items and get paid to promote several motherhood brands.

I started by pitching brands directly and overtime I received more publicity as they re-posted my content, and more brands started approaching me and that’s where I started to make a living completely from Instagram, while getting to spend more time Zane AND provide for him at the same time.

A few months after Zane was born, I thought about the business direction that I wanted to take in the long run.

I was obsessed with marketing and knew that business and marketing is something that I was really passionate about.

I would spend hours reading up on new marketing strategies and articles that would help my businesses grow.

So I decided that this was the new direction that I was going to take, as a full time digital marketing expert.

I read up, took courses to develop my skills, and continued experimenting with digital marketing and ran paid ads on Instagram and Facebook to gain more experience.

I started my own Instagram marketing company called Scarlet Social Media in 2017 and recently rebranded it to Zane Digital Marketing this year, and included more digital marketing services.

So this is basically my story on how I quit my job and started my own business.

How Can You Quit Your Job?

Now, if you have always wanted to start a business in order to make a living for yourself so that you can quit your day job, here are some tips that I have for you.

Tip 1: Start a Side Hustle

Don’t quit your day job just yet until you have a plan and enough savings in order to support your new venture before you even start profiting.

My Instagram account had been my side hustle all along and it was a backup plan that I could fall on when I quit my full-time day job.

I had already been earning some side income from it, along with my e-commerce when I was working my day job.

I had a plan and direction when I made that decision of quitting my day job.

If you quit your job without having any plan and savings to tide you through the next few months, it’s going to be much tougher and I don’t recommend that because I don’t want you to end up being unable to feed yourselves or end up in debt because of your new business.

When you have a side hustle, you will be in a better position to quit your job, and you will not be as stressed out as compared to not having any other plan to fall back on.

This plan is not just for your physical wellbeing but for your mental wellbeing too.

Tip 2: Create a Plan

If you don’t have a side hustle or a plan yet, create one.

If you want to be your own boss but you’re not sure which niche you should be in, try to choose something that you are passionate about which is profitable at the same time.

If you are passionate about something but the niche that you choose is not really profitable, it would be more challenging to actually turn this into a full-time gig.

All of us have a few interests so write all of them down and choose the one which is the most profitable and turn that into a business idea.

On the other hand, if you choose a profitable niche but you’re not really passionate about it, it would be difficult to stay consistent or keep up with it in the long run.

And the whole purpose of starting a business and quitting your job is to do something you love, not something you hate.

Tip 3: Change Your Mindset

When you want to be your own boss, one of the biggest changes that will take place will be your mindset.

I have changed drastically in the way that I see and perceive things, which has caused me to become an action taker, and someone who develops good habits and does things consistently, even if I don’t see results yet.

One very common question that I got as a new business owner was “Are you earning money yet?”.

As business owners, we should not expect to earn and be paid for every single thing that we do, because we no longer have that employee mindset.

When you start a business, you expect to put in more hours and not be paid for it because you are building yourself from scratch, and you need to understand that you are starting somewhere and it’s okay and perfectly normal not to earn money right away.

The mindset that I have when I started was, I may not earn from the first year or so, but when I do succeed, the amount of money that I earn will be so much more than what I would be paid as a regular employee if I had stayed in a corporate job for the same number of years that I took to start my business.

So tell yourself that whatever amount of money you earn in the future, in the next 2 years for example, will actually cover you the 2 years of not being paid PLUS additional income.

Success is exponential so once you succeed and have grown your influence as an authority in your niche, the opportunities that you get will be endless.

You don’t have to feel embarrassed when people ask you questions like “You mean you’re not earning money from your business yet?” or “When will you start earning? Are you sure about this?”.

People who ask you those questions are probably employees who are stuck in their employee and I-must-get-paid-for-everything mindset.

As business owners, we see things different and we are more far-sighted because we look at success in the long run, and not as short-term accomplishments.

We know that long-term success requires sacrifices in the beginning.

Tip 4: Set Small Goals

Great things take time to build and if you try to rush and skip certain steps, it wouldn’t be as good as it supposed to be, so don’t rush to get to the end as the process is part of the learning experience which will help you succeed and make your business better.

As a guitarist, it takes time to learn a song, and it requires practice over and over again.

Sometimes, I will practice the same riff over and over again for hours.

I will tell my students to break down a song into various sections and start by focusing on a short section instead of attempting the entire song.

Because if you attempt to play a new song which you’re not really good at right away, honestly, you’re going to suck big time.

But when you focus on perfecting a short riff until you get it right before moving on to the next part of the song, it’s going to sound much better once you get through all the way to the end.

So, whether you are a guitarist or a musician or not, the same concept applies to anything that you are trying to master.

Setting long term goals are great, but trying to achieve it in such a short period of time means you have a higher chance of getting stressed out and getting burnt out, because you are not giving yourself a realistic time frame to achieve it.

The key to achieving long term goals is to set short term mini goals which are achievable, and you work towards them by taking baby steps.

This will help you so much with your overall mental wellbeing, because when you accomplish a short-term goal, you will feel a sense of achievement and fulfilment, which will further motivate you to take the next step towards your next goal.

However, if you only have a long-term goal such as earning a million dollars in a year and you get so stressed out and angry with yourself by not even earning $10,000 in a month, then you are helping yourself reach your goals, because all you are doing is mentally beating yourself up for not being good enough, or successful enough.

This is what I’ve learnt through personal experience as I’ll set these really huge goals to earn a certain amount by a certain period of time, because I’ve seen others do it and I’ll feel so incompetent about myself.

And I realised that I was actually stressing myself up for no reason, and I couldn’t sleep because I kept worrying about what I should do and how I should do it in order to earn more than those people in a shorter time frame.

I reflected about it, and you know what? I am my own boss, and I have so much time ahead of me. Who was I trying to compete with?

Other people’s success should not be seen as a threat as we are all fighting our own battle and running our own race. Our success has nothing to do with theirs, and likewise their success should not make us feel threatened.

We should instead study their success and learn from it, and use it as a source of motivation to spur us on to achieve our goals.

Setting these small term goals has really helped me to manage my own expectations and helped me to be in a better state by positively reacting to other people’s success instead of in a negative manner, because I see them as an inspiration rather than a threat.

By doing so, this has helped me grow and develop in a profound manner, and I’ve been able to see myself become much more productive than before.

What other tips or ideas do you have for starting a side hustle that you love and turning it into your full-time gig? Do leave a comment below!

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And if you want some Instagram content creation tips to help you save time and improve your productivity, do check out this video too! In this video, I give you tips on how you can create your content efficiently and effortlessly without running out of ideas.

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How to Make Money on Instagram ($500-$1K PER DAY in 2019)

If you want to start earning money from Instagram, I’m going to show you how you can do that even with less than 10K followers, or even if you don’t have a product to sell.

Learn how to make money on Instagram by building your personal brand and turning it into a profitable online business, with the exact strategies I used to make $500-$1K per day on Instagram.

This is one of the profitable business ideas that you can start online, and start earning money from doing what you love. I quit my job to run my business on Instagram, and learn how you can do that too!

Build Your Online Presence

Start by building your online presence and by presenting yourself as the authority in your niche.

It doesn’t matter how many followers you have. What matters is whether you have a relationship with your audience and whether they trust you to do business with you.

It is better to have 1,000 followers who care about your business, compared to 10,000 followers who don’t care about your brand at all.

So how do you build your online presence?

It’s simple, keep posting valuable content on a regular basis and engage with your followers, reply their comments and send them direct messages.

Every single sale I made happened within my Instagram direct messages, because that’s where things are more private and personal.

So before you even send them a direct message, just start by providing value by posting informative content.

In order to build the relationship and connect with your audience, they need to be able to relate to you.

This means having the same values and beliefs, and not just posting content about products that you want to sell, because trying to constantly sell on your feed is a huge turn off.

Reposting viral memes are a great way to create high engagement levels and usually people tag their friends because they can relate to them and it provides entertainment value at the same time.

Partner with Influencers

Influencer marketing can skyrocket your presence on social media when done correctly.

Gretta Van Riel, founder of 4 e-commerce stores including SkinnyMe Tea has successfully grown her stores to multi-million dollar businesses and her main strategy and success is a result of influencer marketing.

Screenshot taken from Foundr

If you already have a product, you can look for influencers with the same target audience as you and leverage on their follower base.

If you don’t have a product, you can always be part of an affiliate program and promote someone else’s product.

When they share your product, you can repost it on your story so that they get the exposure as well, so it works like a cross-promotion because both of you are helping each other out and exchanging exposure with each other’s audience.

This method works very well especially if you don’t have a large base of followers and influencers will do it for a fee or in exchange for your product.

Create Calls-To-Action in Your Stories

Stories are a great way to start the conversation and bring that conversion to your direct messages by creating calls-to-action.

If you have 10,000 followers, you can use the swipe up feature and include a link directly to your website or sales page.

However, if you have less than 10,000 followers, you can create an IGTV video and include the link in your IGTV description instead, and link the IGTV video to your story so that viewers can tap on your Call-to-action from your story.

It requires more steps, but it’s another effective trick to get them to your sales page or affiliate site.

You can also create stories and get users to engage by creating polls and getting them to respond Yes or No to indicate their interest level, and respond to those who selected yes in your direct messages.

Let’s say you earn $100 per product and you have 2,000 followers.

So if you have 2,000 followers and 10% view your story, you’ve got 200 views. Out of 200 views let’s say you we play safe and use the lower end of the usual average conversion rate of 3%.

So 3% of 200 views will get 6 sales and since each sale is worth $100 profit, you’ve just made $600 from those 6 sales.

And my Instagram account is responsible for driving most of my sales to my e-commerce The Guitar Yard which was in the top 12% of Shopify stores ever since date of launch.

I’ve closed it down to focus on my YouTube channel, but here’s what it looks to get regular orders, all directly from Instagram.

So my advice to you is to find a profitable niche whereby you can earn a profit margin of at least $100, so that you don’t have to stress over the number of orders that you have, especially if you are just starting out.

Once you build your following, you can scale much more and get the sales coming in to generate a decent monthly income.

Sell Your Influence

Once you have built your influence, you can earn money on Instagram by partnering with brands as an influencer.

Depending on the number of followers that you have, the amount that you earn per post may vary.

Due to contracts with brands, I’m not supposed to reveal how much they pay me per sponsored post, but I’ve managed to close a cumulative amount of $10,000 in just about half a year.

And that means slightly over $1,500 a month, completely from Instagram ALONE.

Different companies will pay a different rate but you can set your rate and negotiate based on the number of followers and engagement that you have.

So if you don’t have enough followers to influence others, work on producing quality content to attract your target audience.

Once you have built your online presence, you can continue selling your influence to brands and become a full time influencer.

Success is exponential so once you have reached your goal of getting more organic followers, the success will come in and you will get projects continuously streaming in.

I don’t do influencer marketing anymore because now I teach people how to do it and ads would disrupt my feed as a digital marketing coach, but if you want to check out the ads and brands I’ve worked with in the past, feel free to check out the older posts on my Instagram feed here.

If you’re crazy enough like me, you can even quit your day job to run a business entirely based off Instagram.

And I love what I’m doing because I get to spend time with my baby while working from home most of the time.

When I was still doing sponsored posts back then, it didn’t take up a lot of my time either. I just needed to go out and take a few shots, I mean you don’t need to lead a very exciting life as an influencer like what most people think.

In fact, I spend most of my time at home taking care of Zane because I am a single mom, and I don’t regret quitting my day job as a music instructor to be completely self-employed and be my own boss, but I’ll probably share that with you in another video next time.

What other ways have you used to earn money on Instagram? Leave a comment below, I’d like to know!

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Top Instagram Engagement Trick (Beat the Instagram Algorithm)

Learn the top Instagram engagement trick if you want to know how to increase engagement on Instagram. This will help you be able to beat the Instagram algorithm, and learn how to get Instagram followers in the process.

I’ve had my Instagram account since 2014, but I only started marketing it in around 2017 when I started posting guitar covers. So, back then I had around 800 followers, and those people were my friends.

I actually started marketing my Instagram account as a means to finding more guitar students because I was a freelance guitar instructor.

I tried all sorts of techniques for organic growth, and I watched my account grow overtime.

I became pretty obsessed with marketing and I knew that there was huge potential to be seen by a much larger audience after seeing the results.

Screenshot taken from Oberlo

Instagram is a platform that gives us the opportunity to literally be seen by millions of people, and it’s a social media platform that you have to take advantage of if you want to do business or market yourself.

The focus here is basically to work on the quality of your content. I know it sounds simple, and most people focus so much on other techniques such as using hashtags and following other users so that they will follow you back.

However, I feel that you need to understand how Instagram works before implementing your Instagram growth strategy.

Most of you know about the big Instagram algorithm change in 2019. Basically what happened was, Instagram started to prioritise posts that have higher engagement rates to show up on someone’s feed.

It’s no longer just about the likes or the time that you upload your post because posts are no longer shown in chronological order.

So the higher engagement your post has, the more likely it will be shown to more people, because it will be placed at the top of your followers feed.

This means that just because someone is following you doesn’t mean they will see your post show up on their feed when you post it, especially if it doesn’t receive much engagement.

Engagement refers to not just likes, but comments, saves and shares of your post. Instagram wants to see that people are actively engaging with your content.

What does this mean for you? The answer is simple.

Creating engaging and shareable content.

Content that people will comment on and content that will be shared. When Instagram notices that your post is receiving high engagement levels, your post will be prioritised and be seen by more people.

Also, it makes sense because if you’re using all sorts of strategies but you have crappy content, it does not result in creating real engagement.

Nobody will like or share a post that doesn’t make any sense, doesn’t look visually appealing, or doesn’t provide any value, right?

So no matter what kinds of hashtags you use, people still won’t see a compelling reason to engage with you or follow you if your content isn’t good enough.

Let me give you an example. Did you notice that most of the posts that go viral are usually memes?

They get a lot of likes, comments and shares, and these kinds of post creates the most engagement because people are tagging their friends non-stop in the comments section.

This basically creates a snowball effect and boosts that particular post to appear under the “top posts” category.

I made this video and wrote this article because I realised so many people are focusing on follow for follow, like for like, and buying Instagram followers.

Screenshot taken from my SEMRush account

I did a research using an SEO tool called SEMRush which shows keywords that are ranking on Google. And when I keyed in “Instagram Followers”, you can see that there are 5,400 searches a month on “how to buy Instagram followers”, with 224M results on Google, and that is insane!

So honestly, if you take part in these like for like strategies, what you’re really doing is engaging with random people, and not people who are actually interested in your product or service, if you are a business owner or you want to build your personal brand.

If you want to engage with the right audience, change your mindset and create a solid content strategy. When you have content that is valuable and engaging, you don’t have to worry about any algorithm change because you already own it.

What strategies have you used to increase your engagement on Instagram? Leave a comment below!

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Instagram Content Creation Tips (Save Time, Be Productive, and Produce More!)

Learn the top strategies if you want to know how to create content for Instagram and how to stay consistent on Instagram. This is a guide on how to plan content for Instagram, so that you can save time and be more productive, while producing top quality content.

Here are 5 Instagram Content Creation Tips which can help you to do less, save more time by being more productive, and still produce top quality content.

These tips will help you be able to create your content efficiently and effortlessly without running out of ideas.

Tip 1: Batch Your Content

Stop creating content on a daily basis. Yes, I am actually telling you to stop creating content everyday because overtime, it is overwhelming and it is too time-consuming to focus on other important tasks and other aspects of your business.

In order to be more productive, start batching your content so that you can free up the rest of the month by planning ahead.

So this is how I batch my content. I have a photoshoot scheduled at least once a month, which is a day where I set aside time to take photos specially for my Instagram feed for that particular month.

I’ll have a theme for the shoot and a few different outfits, so that when I upload them, it doesn’t look like I took those shots on the same day.

I will think of my theme and have various topics for it. For example, my theme is business inspiration, and under this theme my topics are: overcoming failure, taking action, and pursuing your dreams.

So I will look at the various shots taken during the photoshoot and match the topic to the most appropriate photo. Then, I will write my captions in advanced based on the topic I’ve assigned for each shot and save it in a note pad in my phone.

The captions will be well thought through and I usually share my story and experiences while encouraging my followers, because my values are based on inspiration and my target audience are entrepreneurs.

When I want to upload my shots, I will just refer to my note pad, copy and paste my caption, and it looks like I’ve just thoughtfully written out an extremely long and meaningful caption on the spot.

Tip 2: Research and Curate Content

You don’t always have to post your own content on Instagram. The reason why you want to research and curate content is for 2 reasons.

The first reason is you get to save time because you don’t have to create your own content, and the second reason is to find top performing posts that are already guaranteed to attract users to engage with it and share it.

So for example, I will go to Instagram’s explore page and search for what my target audience would be interested in by using a relevant hashtag. I will then scroll through the top posts to see which content is already gaining lots of attention and engagement.

Then, I will use the repost app to download the post, copy the caption and repost it on my page while tagging the original creator.

And don’t worry about sharing someone else’s post because you are crediting them, not stealing it. Usually, creators appreciate it when you repost their content because it gives them more exposure to your audience and they will usually thank you for sharing their posts, so it’s a win-win situation whereby both parties benefit from it.

A good example is the account @fitness which has 1M followers. They repost content by other users, share viral memes which are entertaining to create high engagement levels.

Tip 3: Encourage User Generated Content

This is another strategy where you are taking advantage of other users creating content for you. This is a strategy that has been very effective in growing my business accounts. (Check out my video: How to Grow Your Influence on Instagram: GAIN INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS ORGANICALLY).

All you need to do is create a branded hashtag that is unique, ask people to use it so that they get a chance to be featured by using the hashtag or by tagging you.

If you think about it, no one likes friends who always talk about themselves right? The same thing applies to social media.

People love to be featured because they get more exposure and they feel good about themselves when their content is being shared by other users, and people also like seeing content that is not always about yourself.

The more you encourage your hashtags to be used, the more your hashtag will be seen by other users, creating curiosity or getting more people to actively participate and submit their posts.

So whenever you run out of content ideas, you can fall back on these user-generated content and just repost them on your feed.

One great example is BMW, who shares user-generated content with the hashtag #BMWrepost. Is that one of the reasons why they are the most popular car brand accounts on Instagram? Probably.

Tip 4: Plan Ahead with a Content Calendar

Now that you have learnt more content creation ideas, it’s time to plan ahead with a content calendar so that your content is well-organised before you upload them.

The purpose of having a content calendar is to keep track of your posts, promotions, datelines and goals. This is especially essential for your business to share the same content calendar, so that everyone can be on the same page and consistency will be present in your workflow.

And the idea of creating a content calendar is to create more with less, to improve productivity. It actually helps you save more time in the long run.

When you plan ahead with the use of a content calendar, you can have an overview of what sort of content will be posted throughout the month, and you can organise things effectively.

You will be able to create work that is of better quality too because you have it well-planned rather than coming up with content at the last minute when you have run out of inspiration.

For example, within the week, you can plan to have 2 promotional posts, with 1 user-generated content, 1 customer review, 1 personal story, 1 curated post, and 1 educational post, in whichever sequence you are uploading them.

Tip 5: Schedule Your Posts

After having your content planned out in your content calendar, use a tool to schedule your posts. Scheduling your posts will save you a great amount of time, so that you can focus on doing other tasks.

Scheduling your posts helps you maintain consistency so that you wont ever forget to upload a post when you are busy with other workload. It also helps you free up your time in case of unforeseen events that may pop up such as being ill, or having a day off.

I use the Planoly app which allows you to schedule your Instagram posts for free, and it’s really simple to use. All I need to do is select the photo that I want to upload, along with the caption, and share it by selecting a time and date under custom schedule.

They have this cool feature where you can upload the files to the Planoly app so have an overview of what your feed will look like before you REALLY publish the post onto your Instagram feed.

What content creation tips do you find useful to save time and improve your productivity on Instagram? Leave a comment below!

Now that you know the 5 exacts steps you can use to improve your content creation strategy and productivity, do download the free Instagram Content Calendar Cheat Sheet that I have created for you!

Also, if you want to join a community of like-minded boss babe entrepreneurs, freelancers and aspiring influencers, I have a closed group on Facebook called Boss Babes Rocking – Women Entrepreneur Network where I share up-to-date Instagram marketing advice to help you and your business grow.

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How to Grow Your Influence on Instagram (Gain Instagram Followers Organically)

If you are not sure how to get followers on Instagram and build brand authority in your niche, I’m going to show you how to increase your Instagram followers organically so that you can have higher engagement, build trust with potential clients and get more sales.

Here are the exact 5 steps I used to grow my account from 800 to 30000 followers in 10 months.

Step 1: Optimize Your Profile

Most people miss this step, but it is very important to ensure that your profile can be found when people are looking for specific search terms.

You can do this by changing your Instagram name to your job title or what you would like to be known as, instead of your name.

And why would you do that? Realistically, it is very unlikely that someone will key in a search for your name, for example “Scarlet Vincent”, unless the person is my friend and they are specifically looking for my Instagram account so that they can follow me.

Most people would search for a specific service if they are not searching for someone in particular. So for example, if someone is looking for digital marketing services, they would key in “digital marketing” into Instagram’s search feature.

When my profile is already optimized and they do that, it makes me appear in front of them because those keywords are in my Instagram name.

Likewise, if you are a business owner, nobody will search for your name, especially if you’re just starting out and they don’t even know you exist. The structure would be your job title, and you can also include where your service is based if there are enough characters left in that field.

For example, if you are a guitar instructor from Hell (I meant Helsinki actually), what you can do is to change your name to “Guitar Instructor Hel”.

What happens is, brands or users looking for guitar instructors within your region will see your profile when they key in this specific search term. You can keep your username as your real name or brand name, because changing your name on Instagram will not affect your username.

Step 2: Present Yourself as the Expert in Your Niche

If you want to grow your influence on Instagram, you will need to ask yourself what is your purpose and what are you good at?

If you are just starting out, you don’t want to choose a random niche because you in order to present yourself as the expert in your niche, it would be better to choose something which you can do well, so that you can use your experience to share your knowledge with others. It is always good to go for something that you are familiar with, and a topic you are passionate about.

But of course, it doesn’t mean you have to be a complete expert either. There are always people who know more than you or those who know less than you, so just share whatever you know because the information would be useful to those who know less than you.

You’re not here to get famous for the sake of getting famous. If you are good with your makeup skills and passionate about doing makeup tutorials, present yourself as the makeup expert. If you specialise in wedding photography and portraits, present yourself as the expert portrait photographer.

You will realise that eventually choosing a niche is important because this is something that you’re not doing for fun, but something you are investing your time and effort in building your following on Instagram, and you want to eventually be able to monetize and earn from your passion full time.

You want to take things seriously so that your side gig becomes your full time gig and you are really pursuing your passion without worrying about whether you need another side gig or 9 to 5 to get by.

This is the reason why you are choosing a niche. If you have a persistent headache, you would be referred to a neurologist. And if you have a skin itch, you would be referred to a skin specialist.

Likewise, if someone is looking for a yoga instructor, they will not go to a general fitness trainer at the gym who does everything, but they will actually search for someone who specializes in yoga.

So if you don’t have a niche and you are posting random content, you are just going to attract random people. That’s not how you grow your influence in Instagram, whether you are an entrepreneur or an aspiring influencer.

You need to attract the right audience who will value the content you are putting out, and you want to build the relationship with them so that they will trust you as the expert. People will only take you seriously when you take yourself seriously.

Step 3: Provide Value in Your Content Strategy

I know a lot of us see influencers uploading pictures with random emojis and they can get so many likes. The reason why they can do this is because they already have a large audience.

However, if you’re just starting out, you need to give people a reason to decide that they want to follow you. If you are serious about building your online influence, you will need to create a content strategy and make sure that your content provides value.

For example, there are 2 fitness Instagram accounts that are new. One of them constantly posts selfies and OOTDs, with emojis as captions, whereas the other person in the other account posts workout tips along with before and after pictures.

Which account provides more value and which account are you more likely to follow if you are into fitness? That’s right, you’re more likely to pick the 2nd one that I’ve mention, the one that provides value.

So, think about the value you can provide, and share your story or advice as your caption to supplement the image or video that you are uploading to your feed. You will realise that the foundation of your content strategy is the key factor in building your following in the long run.

Step 4: Research Your Competitors

In order to be successful, you need to study and analyse the success of others. This does not mean you copy what your competitors are doing, but it means you try to identify what works and what does not.

Find content that is already performing well, create your own version of it, and use it as part of your content strategy.

In order to do this, you need to research your competition so that you know your target audience persona in order to create content that would spark their interests. And you need to be really specific. For example, you’re a music school that caters to music lessons for kids.

Now, you can’t just post pictures of your music school’s instruments, and expect to see high levels of engagement automatically. You will need to have a content strategy in place in order for people to find your feed valuable.

The best way to create content for high engagement is to research your competitors and see which posts are performing the best.

For example, you notice that most of your competitors’ posts are doing well because they are re-posting videos of student’s performances or tutorials that are receiving high engagement levels, follow their content strategy.

Their content is receiving high levels of engagement for a reason. And that reason is because it is a strategy that is already proven to attract the attention of their target audience. This concept applies to every niche.

Analyse which posts are getting more attention and why is that so? Take a look at which posts are not performing so well and why is that so?

You can do the same analysis for the content that you are uploading, and when you notice certain posts that are performing better and receiving higher engagement than the rest, try to create more of those types of content. If your videos perform better than your images, which is usually the case, then try to create more videos for your feed.

Step 5: Use targeted Hashtags

All of us know about hashtags, but are we using them correctly and effectively? Follow4follow and Like4like hashtags are so commonly used, and it’s not a proper strategy to attract targeted audience to your feed.

People who take part in these follow 4 follow schemes also tend to unfollow after someone follows, so it makes you lose followers very quickly. Plus, there is a low probability that they are interested in your niche and content.

Broad hashtags like #instagood, #instadaily and #OOTD are also too general and you’re not really targeting the right people.

Because these are broad hashtags used widely by millions of users, new posts are getting refreshed more often and your post goes down the “recent” feed and gets buried under all the new posts that are being uploaded every second, so you don’t actually get seen by many people at all.

Using more targeted and lower volume hashtags will help you get a higher chance of being seen by more people.

For example, if you are targeting mom entrepreneurs, you can try a low volume hashtag like what I did. The #bossmomlife hashtag had only 40.9K posts at the time, and it was easy to rank under Instagram’s top posts for it.

Once you have more followers and you get the hang of creating quality content, you can target higher volume hashtags and start ranking for those. So what I like to do is use a mix of both high and low volume hashtags each time I upload a post, to gain more visibility.

What strategies have you used to grow your influence on Instagram? Leave a comment below!

Now that you know the 5 exacts steps you can use to grow your influence on Instagram, do check out my free guide: How to Profit from Instagram, which shows you how to build your following from scratch, and get paid for doing what you love.

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5 Steps to Get 10,000 Followers on Instagram Fast

Step 1: Research Your Competition

Find content that is already performing well, create your own version of it, and use it as part of your content strategy.

In order to do this, you need to research your competition so that you know your target audience persona in order to create content that would spark their interests. And you need to be really specific.

For example, you’re a sportswear company that caters to women who does weightlifting. Now, you can’t just post pictures of your apparel and expect to see high levels of engagement automatically.

The best way to create content for high engagement is to research your competitors and see which posts are performing the best.

From there, you can model their success and create content that is already proven to attract the attention of your target audience. This concept applies to every niche.

Step 2: Create a Content Strategy

After doing your research, create a content strategy with your end goal in mind.

Think about what sort of mediums are you going to use, how frequent you are going to post, how are you going to present your brand voice, build yourself as an authority and your niche and how to create an aesthetically pleasing feed.

Decide on your posting schedule, especially the best time to post according to your time zone when your followers are the most active, plan ahead, so you have your entire content strategy mapped out for yourself.

Step 3: Use Relevant Low Volume Hashtags

You need to stop using hashtags that are too broad because it gets refreshed too often because what happens is your post will disappear down the explore feed too quickly.

So this means that no matter how great that post is, it’s not likely to be seen by many people, especially if you’re a small account, and it quickly gets lost among all these other uploads that people are uploading every second.

Try to target low volume hashtags because it gets refreshed less quickly and will be seen by more people, especially if you are just starting out.

Step 4: Engage with People Who Use Relevant Hashtags

When you do that, you are actually getting your target audience to notice you. Users get notified when you like and comment on their posts, and based on my own experience, they are very grateful when they reply me and most of them are very likely to reciprocate.

The problem is most of us open Instagram, upload a picture, and then we are done. This is not how it works if you want to grow your business and get more followers. You need to actively engage and initiate the conversation with other users on the platform.

Building your own community by actively engaging is so important, according to multimillionaire Tim Sanders “your network is your net worth”. Do this actively with at least 10 users everyday and you will notice your engagement levels increase.

Step 5: Always Provide Value

People need to see a reason to follow you and if you think about it, nobody will like to follow a page full of products with captions trying to sell them.

People don’t like to be sold.

Start focusing on the benefits rather than the products and always provide value in your posts. I’ve analysed the top Instagram pages and they are the ones that are either informative or entertaining.

You can type a hashtag in the search bar and see the top performing posts for yourself. Study the results and see how you can implement that into your content strategy.

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