10 HIDDEN Instagram Features You Should Know in 2021 (Tricks and Instagram Story HACKS!)

Hey everyone, welcome back! In today’s post, I’m going to be sharing with you 10 hidden Instagram features that you probably didn’t know exist. Do watch the video for the full tutorials with the step-by-step screen recording on how to get these tricks done.

Be sure to watch or read until the end because these Instagram tricks can help you fully utilize the features on Instagram and step up your game on the number 1 social media platform.

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The first thing few things that I’m going to show you will help you to gain more control on who interacts with you, so that you can keep your stalkers at bay and unfollow people without unfollowing them. Then, I will move on to features and shortcuts that help make your life easier, and end with some really cool features to improve your aesthetics on Instagram.

Feature 1: Restrict Users

If you don’t want to block users because you don’t want them to know that you have blocked them, you can actually restrict that user instead. Just go to your settings by tapping on the hamburger menu at the top right-hand corner of your feed, tap on “settings”, select “privacy”, followed by “restricted accounts”, and type in the username of the person that you want to restrict.

So what happens when you restrict someone? Well, you can temporarily limit their interactions so let me explain how it works. The person can leave comments on your post but they won’t show up on your feed.

However, only that person will be able to view their comment on your post, so it’s sort of like blocking them from interacting with you without them knowing so they end up talking to themselves instead.

When they are restricted, any message that they send to you will be moved to message requests, so that they won’t be able to see when you’re online or whether you have read their messages. Pretty cool, right?

Feature 2: Hide Your Story

You can hide your story from a user by changing your privacy settings as well. Under settings, select “privacy”, tap on “story”, and select “hide story from”.

You can type in the username of the person that you want to hide your stories from, so that user will never be able to view any story that you post as it won’t show up on their feed.

You can also prevent users from sharing your stories by scrolling down and de-selecting the option “allow resharing to stories”.

Feature 3: Mute Accounts

Did you know that you can actually unfollow a user without unfollowing them? If you find someone annoying because they keep selling in every single post or because they post a hundred times a day, you can simply tap and hold on their profile image the next time they post a story, and tap on the “mute” button.

Once you have selected mute, you will be given a choice to mute their story or to mute both their story and posts. You can finally heave a sigh of relieve because you can stop viewing their posts without having to unfollow them.

Feature 4: Turn Off Comments

You can choose to turn off comments for a post, so that users won’t be able to comment on it. All you need to do is to post an image or video as usual, and before uploading it, select “advanced settings”, and select “turn off commenting”.

You can also choose to turn the comments back on later if you change your mind, and this feature will be useful if you want to use it for privacy reasons, and also commonly used to run contests so that users can no longer participate once the comments feature has been turned off.

Feature 5: Quick Replies

If you don’t want to waste time typing out a standard reply that you use frequently, for example, such as replying to customer enquiries on a daily basis, then you can create quick replies. All you need to do is go to your settings, tap on “creator”, and then, tap on “quick replies”.

Add a new one by typing in your message and create a shortcut for it. Whenever you type in this shortcut in your messages, the entire message will appear which saves you a lot of time, especially if your reply is a long one!

Feature 6: View All Posts You Have Liked

You can track your activity by viewing all posts that you have liked. Just go to settings, tap on “account”, and select “posts you’ve liked”. You can like posts as a way to save content as this history of posts you have liked can work as your mood board if you are trying to gather inspiration for creating content.

If you have ever wanted to show your friend a piece of content but just couldn’t remember where you found it or who posted it, this feature will come in handy as it can help you find a post that you have liked but forgot the username of the person who posted it.

Feature 7: Zoom In and Out of Your Stories with One Hand

I’m pretty sure you have tried pinching in to zoom out into a video when recording a story, or thought that the superzoom feature was the only way to zoom into your videos while recording.

Well, you can literally zoom in with one hand by holding down the record button and just by sliding your finger up and down the screen to zoom in and out, and it’s that easy!

Feature 8: Create Rainbow Text in Your Stories

This is a super cool feature because most people don’t know about it and I haven’t really seen anyone use it yet. You can type rainbow text in your stories and there are 2 ways to go about it.

The first way is more time consuming because you would need to select each letter and change the colour of the alphabet individually. The second method is a quick and easy way.

What you need to do is highlight the entire text, use one thumb to press and hold on a colour of your choice, and you will see a gradient of colours appear. Move the end cursor on the bottom right with your left hand finger and simultaneously glide your right hand across the screen each time your left hand goes past one letter.

Feature 9: Add Translucent Overlay in Your Stories

You can add a translucent overlay in your stories over any image or video by doing the following. Post a story as usual, select the drawing tool, and tap on the highlighter tool when you are at the edit page.

Select the colour of your choice, then tap and hold on your image or video. A translucent overlay will appear which will lower the opacity of your image, and you can use this to make your text appear more visible over your image or video.

Feature 10: Access Hidden Filters

The filters that you see are not the only filters available on Instagram. Post a photo or video as usual, and scroll all the way to the right and you will be able to manage your filters by tapping on “manage”.

You will notice that only the filters that are selected with a tick sign on the right are shown and there are other filters which you can enable by tapping to select them. You can also tap and hold to arrange the filters so that your favourite filter will show up in the order of your choice.

Do you know of any other hidden Instagram features? Do share it with us by leaving a comment!

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Discover some secret Instagram features and unknown Instagram features that are really cool! These are some new Instagram features and Instagram features that you should know in 2021, and probably didn’t know exist! You will learn how to unfollow someone without unfollowing them, or block users without them knowing.

These are Instagram features that not many people know about, including some interesting Instagram story hacks and Instagram story tips and tricks in 2021. Instagram stories can help to increase your engagement on Instagram, and these Instagram story tricks can help you make better Instagram stories.

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