How to Gain Instagram Followers Organically 2020 (NEW Strategy! Grow from 0 to 10K Followers FAST!)

How to get 10000 followers on Instagram fast

In today’s post, I’m going to talk about how to gain Instagram followers organically in 2020. The big algorithm change happened in 2019 and many people hated it because of the reduce in engagement they received on Instagram. In fact, some of you might still be hating it now and feel like quitting Instagram.

Be sure to read on until the end because this is a new strategy that can help you gain Instagram followers organically in 2020 and grow from 0 to 10k followers fast.

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If you’re not sure what’s going on with Instagram, with the algorithm change, drop in engagement, and Instagram hiding likes, it seems like the entire platform is screwed up right now.

If you want to learn how to get more followers on Instagram in 2020, you will need to know how Instagram works so that you can work in their favour to get more engagement and followers. Makes sense?

So how Instagram works now is that posts are no longer shown in chronological order as they show up on your feed based on engagement levels, the amount of activity received, and the interactions with specific users.

What this means is that posts with higher levels of engagement will be prioritized by Instagram and be further boosted and recommended to show up to more people on other user’s feed and on the Instagram explore page.

In fact, your post is no longer shown to everyone who is following you but only to 10% of your audience, and I know that this sucks. So what is happening is that Instagram only shows your content to 10% of your users and this is what they call the micro-test phase.

During the micro-test phase, they will determine the amount of engagement received on that post, then they will decide whether or not your post should be shown to more of your followers or whether it should be recommended on the Instagram explore page.

Not only that, it is not only about the number of engagement received but also the type of engagement received.

Not all Instagram users are made equal and Instagrammers with a larger following have a higher power rating. This means that if an influencer engages with your post, your post will be seen as more valuable and of higher quality according to the algorithm.

This means that one influencer with 10,000 followers has more power compared to 10 users with 1,000 followers who engage on your post, which determines whether your post should be shown to more users during the micro-test phase.

And by engage I mean by liking and leaving a comment on your post. The number of interactions basically, including if your post is being saved or shared by others. The more interaction it gets, the better.

So anyway, because of this reason, joining engagement pods are becoming useless when you are getting regular users to comment on your post, because it is not seen as valuable according to Instagram.

What you will need is a bunch of powerful influencers to comment and engage with your post in order to been seen as a piece of content that should be boosted by Instagram’s algorithm.

Another thing to note is that the micro-test phase happens the moment you upload a post, so you will need to receive as much engagement as you can before it gets recommended and boosted by Instagram so that your post will be shown to more people.

This is why it is great to reply to people as soon as they comment on your post. It not only helps the algorithm, but it also helps you build relationships with others, especially if you are trying to build a strong brand.

So why am I telling you all this stuff? The way to gain Instagram followers on 2020 is by increasing your engagement, because when you increase your engagement, your post will be able to reach more people, especially people who are not following you once Instagram boosts your post on the Instagram explore page.

Instagram has the power to show your content to millions of people if they want to, and that is how posts go viral. When it receives a high level of engagement, it gets shown to more people, and this cycle keeps repeating and getting shown to more and more people; it’s a snowball effect.

Now, the next thing is, how do you create a post that is engaging? A lot of people are asking me, how do I create a viral post?

Well, if you’re lazy then you can find something that has already gone viral or if you are smart, you can repost that piece of viral content which has already proven to create lots of engagement.

The only thing it’s not original and it’s not created by you, so some people might have already seen that post. However, it is a strategy that A LOT of people use to get overnight success.

On the other hand, if you are creative, you can create your own unique post or a funny meme which you think might generate lots of engagement, and don’t forget to ask people to share their opinions by commenting or sharing the post.

Adding a simple call-to-action can help you to increase your overall engagement and direct users to take the action that you want them to take.

Another thing you can do is to conduct research and find out topics that are already trending and ride the wave of the trend.

You can create a meme or video around a trending topic, because that is when the topic is hot and everyone is talking about it.

It’s the same concept as musicians making covers of new hit songs, to ride the wave of the trend when the song is on the top charts and likely to be searched on YouTube and other social media platforms.

My advice for you is if you want to gain followers, don’t focus on getting followers or following people but focus on creating engagement for your content. Creating quality and engaging content is the way to go if you want your post to receive high levels of engagement.

Your content needs to be valuable or entertaining enough so that users will want to comment on it, share it and save it.

If you have noticed, I don’t focus on the number of likes because comments and shares have higher weightage as compared to likes, which is the reason why Instagram has also started hiding likes in some countries and accounts.

Likes are just a vanity metric and it should not be something that you focus on right now, especially since the algorithm change.

I hope that you have found this video useful in helping you create your Instagram strategy for 2020, and if you have any extra tips or suggestions, do leave a comment below as I’d love to hear it.

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