How to Get More Engagement on Instagram 2019 & 2020 (BOOST Your Instagram Engagement!)

Do you want to learn how to get more engagement on Instagram? In this video, I share with you 5 steps which you can implement immediately, to increase engagement on Instagram and gain more followers on Instagram organically.

If you are constantly thinking of how to gain followers on Instagram and how to get more followers on Instagram, these are simple Instagram engagement tricks and tips which you can use. This is for you if you want to become an Instagram influencer or you want to start a business on Instagram.

You can also use this to grow your business with Instagram so that you can get more likes and followers on Instagram, and eventually get more sales on Instagram by turning your followers into your customers.

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Step 1: Engage with Accounts in Your Niche

If you want to receive engagement, you will need to go out and start engaging with others first. Take the time and effort to look for accounts that are similar in your niche, and start engaging with them on a regular basis. Usually, users will take notice and return the favour by liking and commenting on your posts as well.

Instagram is an engagement platform, and the best way to increase engagement is to proactively engage. Engaging proactively means that you are making the effort to engage and initiate conversation with your target audience, so that you can reach a wider audience.

You can search for relevant content based on hashtags, and also content which is recommended by Instagram on the Instagram explore page. You can also search for users specifically by typing keywords into the search bar. Be as specific as possible in order to find your target audience, especially when it comes to hashtags.

You can also engage with your competitors’ followers and engage with those who have engaged with your competitors.

Step 2: Engage Before and After You Upload a Post

Engaging with users before and after you upload a post can help you to increase the amount of engagement on your new post. People will usually check out your latest post and return the favour by liking and commenting on it. This is a great way to boost engagement right after you upload it so that your post can be naturally boosted by Instagram’s algorithm once it is receiving a good amount of engagement. The more engagement you receive, the more Instagram will recommend your posts to other users who have shown interests in similar content.

Step 3: Engage with Users Who Have Uploaded a Recent Post

You can find users who have recently uploaded a new post on their feed by searching a hashtag under the Instagram explore page and by selecting the “recent” tab. As they have just uploaded a post recently, they are more likely to be online and also more likely to notice that you have engaged with their post as their new post usually has very little engagements and maybe even none at all. When you do this, you will be able to receive engagement on your post almost immediately if they have noticed you engaging with them and decide to check out your profile as well.

Step 4: Create Calls-to-action in Your Caption

You can encourage users to interact with your post by creating calls-to-action. Simple calls-to-action can include getting people to “double tap” if they agree with your caption, or to ask questions so that they will reply and leave a comment. These are simple ways to get users to interact with your content and will help to create engagement as people love to share their opinions.

Step 5: Cross-promote Content on Your Instagram Story

Instagram stories receive higher levels of engagement compared to Instagram posts, so you should take advantage of cross-promoting your content on your Instagram story. You can share your new post directly on your Instagram story, so that users will be aware that you have uploaded a new post. When you do so, all you need to do is add a sticker which says “tap here”, and users can tap on your story to be redirected to your new post on your feed.

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