How to Remove Instagram Followers (Get Rid of Fake Followers and Stalkers!)

Do you want to learn how to remove Instagram followers and how to spot fake followers on Instagram? You will learn how to remove fake followers from Instagram, and remove Instagram followers without blocking them, as well as prevent certain people from viewing your profile.

This will work especially if your profile is public and you don’t want certain people following you, without them knowing that you have blocked them.

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First of all, I’ll explain why you should do an Instagram clean-up of fake followers. Then, I’ll go through how to make someone unfollow you without blocking them permanently.

So here’s the thing, not all followers are made equal.

Once in a while, for some strange reason, bots and fake accounts will follow your account.

You might also have bought fake followers in the past and regretted it, because those fake followers did not engage with your posts, resulting in a dramatic decrease in your overall engagement rate.

When your engagement rate decreases, Instagram sees your posts as NOT valuable and your posts will not be shown up in your followers’ feed as frequent as you would want it to.

You don’t want to be blacklisted by Instagram as the negative consequences are long term.

The more fake followers you have, the lower your engagement rate will be.

Even if you buy fake likes, it is going to be very tough to keep up with that financially, and if you stop using these services all of a sudden, it’s going to be obvious that you have been paying for your Instagram engagement.

Removing bots and fake accounts that have followed you will help you make your account look more credible, especially if you are using Instagram for your business or if you are an influencer.

Fake followers are easy to spot and the good news it, you can easily remove them.

I recently noticed a strange spike in the number of followers that I had and I suspected that there were some bots going around following me.

I was curious who these “people” were, so I checked out their profile and I realised that my intuition was right, because they were all fake accounts, and it made my account following look terrible.

So you might be wondering, how did I spot a fake account and how did I know that the user behind that profile is actually a bot?

So this is how I spot fake accounts.

Usually, a fake account will not have a profile picture and they have really weird usernames with lots of numbers in it.

Also, a fake account would have a following to followers ratio that is highly suspicious as they will be following a massive amount of people with very little people following them back.

The most obvious ones would be those who have 0 followers, as nobody is following them at all.

The thing is, you can’t control who follows you unless you buy followers, and you can’t remove followers directly from Instagram but there is a simple trick to get around that.

To get rid of bots, you can simply block them and Instagram will automatically cause their accounts to unfollow you.

Here’s the next tip if you want to remove someone you dislike from following you without blocking them.

Sometimes, you might want to block a real person whom you still have to interact with in real life because of work or school, and you don’t want to create an awkwardness when you see them. 

The simple trick is to block them and unblock them immediately.

When you unblock them, they will not be aware that they have automatically unfollowed you, and it is very unlikely that they will notice that they have unfollowed you unintentionally (unless they are stalking you).

If your profile is private, they will need to request for your permission in order to follow you again, and they will not know that you have blocked and unblocked them because they will still be able to search for you and send you a request, just that you’re not going to accept it this time round.

The difference is, if you block them, it’s going to be very obvious because when they search for you, they will realize that they can’t find your profile which has mysteriously disappeared.

However, if you are using a public account, this won’t work because they will still be able to see your profile even if they are not following you.

So if you are really being stalked, I recommend that you block the user without unblocking them, so that they will be unable to view your profile when they specifically search for it (because they are going to do so), especially if it is a public one.

The best way to prevent a stalker from stalking you would be to just block them permanently.

And the last tip would be to use a tool to remove followers if you want to if you want to remove followers in bulk because blocking them individually would be too time consuming.

You can check out the Instagram cleaner app which enables you to speed up the process by blocking multiple accounts, so that you can save time while doing a mass clean up.

What other methods have you used to get rid of fake followers on Instagram? Share it with us by leaving a comment!

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