Instagram Content Creation Tips (Save Time, Be Productive, and Produce More!)

Learn the top strategies if you want to know how to create content for Instagram and how to stay consistent on Instagram. This is a guide on how to plan content for Instagram, so that you can save time and be more productive, while producing top quality content.

Here are 5 Instagram Content Creation Tips which can help you to do less, save more time by being more productive, and still produce top quality content.

These tips will help you be able to create your content efficiently and effortlessly without running out of ideas.

Tip 1: Batch Your Content

Stop creating content on a daily basis. Yes, I am actually telling you to stop creating content everyday because overtime, it is overwhelming and it is too time-consuming to focus on other important tasks and other aspects of your business.

In order to be more productive, start batching your content so that you can free up the rest of the month by planning ahead.

So this is how I batch my content. I have a photoshoot scheduled at least once a month, which is a day where I set aside time to take photos specially for my Instagram feed for that particular month.

I’ll have a theme for the shoot and a few different outfits, so that when I upload them, it doesn’t look like I took those shots on the same day.

I will think of my theme and have various topics for it. For example, my theme is business inspiration, and under this theme my topics are: overcoming failure, taking action, and pursuing your dreams.

So I will look at the various shots taken during the photoshoot and match the topic to the most appropriate photo. Then, I will write my captions in advanced based on the topic I’ve assigned for each shot and save it in a note pad in my phone.

The captions will be well thought through and I usually share my story and experiences while encouraging my followers, because my values are based on inspiration and my target audience are entrepreneurs.

When I want to upload my shots, I will just refer to my note pad, copy and paste my caption, and it looks like I’ve just thoughtfully written out an extremely long and meaningful caption on the spot.

Tip 2: Research and Curate Content

You don’t always have to post your own content on Instagram. The reason why you want to research and curate content is for 2 reasons.

The first reason is you get to save time because you don’t have to create your own content, and the second reason is to find top performing posts that are already guaranteed to attract users to engage with it and share it.

So for example, I will go to Instagram’s explore page and search for what my target audience would be interested in by using a relevant hashtag. I will then scroll through the top posts to see which content is already gaining lots of attention and engagement.

Then, I will use the repost app to download the post, copy the caption and repost it on my page while tagging the original creator.

And don’t worry about sharing someone else’s post because you are crediting them, not stealing it. Usually, creators appreciate it when you repost their content because it gives them more exposure to your audience and they will usually thank you for sharing their posts, so it’s a win-win situation whereby both parties benefit from it.

A good example is the account @fitness which has 1M followers. They repost content by other users, share viral memes which are entertaining to create high engagement levels.

Tip 3: Encourage User Generated Content

This is another strategy where you are taking advantage of other users creating content for you. This is a strategy that has been very effective in growing my business accounts. (Check out my video: How to Grow Your Influence on Instagram: GAIN INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS ORGANICALLY).

All you need to do is create a branded hashtag that is unique, ask people to use it so that they get a chance to be featured by using the hashtag or by tagging you.

If you think about it, no one likes friends who always talk about themselves right? The same thing applies to social media.

People love to be featured because they get more exposure and they feel good about themselves when their content is being shared by other users, and people also like seeing content that is not always about yourself.

The more you encourage your hashtags to be used, the more your hashtag will be seen by other users, creating curiosity or getting more people to actively participate and submit their posts.

So whenever you run out of content ideas, you can fall back on these user-generated content and just repost them on your feed.

One great example is BMW, who shares user-generated content with the hashtag #BMWrepost. Is that one of the reasons why they are the most popular car brand accounts on Instagram? Probably.

Tip 4: Plan Ahead with a Content Calendar

Now that you have learnt more content creation ideas, it’s time to plan ahead with a content calendar so that your content is well-organised before you upload them.

The purpose of having a content calendar is to keep track of your posts, promotions, datelines and goals. This is especially essential for your business to share the same content calendar, so that everyone can be on the same page and consistency will be present in your workflow.

And the idea of creating a content calendar is to create more with less, to improve productivity. It actually helps you save more time in the long run.

When you plan ahead with the use of a content calendar, you can have an overview of what sort of content will be posted throughout the month, and you can organise things effectively.

You will be able to create work that is of better quality too because you have it well-planned rather than coming up with content at the last minute when you have run out of inspiration.

For example, within the week, you can plan to have 2 promotional posts, with 1 user-generated content, 1 customer review, 1 personal story, 1 curated post, and 1 educational post, in whichever sequence you are uploading them.

Tip 5: Schedule Your Posts

After having your content planned out in your content calendar, use a tool to schedule your posts. Scheduling your posts will save you a great amount of time, so that you can focus on doing other tasks.

Scheduling your posts helps you maintain consistency so that you wont ever forget to upload a post when you are busy with other workload. It also helps you free up your time in case of unforeseen events that may pop up such as being ill, or having a day off.

I use the Planoly app which allows you to schedule your Instagram posts for free, and it’s really simple to use. All I need to do is select the photo that I want to upload, along with the caption, and share it by selecting a time and date under custom schedule.

They have this cool feature where you can upload the files to the Planoly app so have an overview of what your feed will look like before you REALLY publish the post onto your Instagram feed.

What content creation tips do you find useful to save time and improve your productivity on Instagram? Leave a comment below!

Now that you know the 5 exacts steps you can use to improve your content creation strategy and productivity, do download the free Instagram Content Calendar Cheat Sheet that I have created for you!

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